SASSA Status Check Introduction

If you are a South African Citizen or Refugee or asylum seeker with fewer resources and insufficient financial support and applied for an SRD SASSA grant then you have to Check your SASSA status regularly. All applicants need to do a SASSA status check for R350 (new R370 grant) regularly to stay updated, maintain their eligibility, and ensure they receive the benefits of SASSA grants.

SASSA Status Check

Enter your South African ID and cell phone number in the box below to see your grant status for the current month and stay updated.

What is SRD SASSA?

The Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant is meant for South African citizens, refugees, or Asylum seekers aged between 18 and 60. They can get children, social, old age, or disability grants from the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) Government organization for free. SRD SASSA grant is for those who have insufficient means or resources, have not received any other social grants, have no other financial support, or are eligible for the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF).

How to do SRD Status Check for R350 (new R370 grant)?

There are different methods to check the SRD status for R350. You need your South African ID and SASSA registered phone number to check your SRD 350 status through different methods. The SRD R350 applicants can check their SASSA status by following the channels given below:

How to Check SASSA Status Online?

Check SASSA Status Online

Online SRD status check is the fastest method to check your SASSA status for R350 with your registered mobile number and South African ID. To check SRD SASSA status you have to follow the following steps:-

  • For the SRD status check online you have to enter your South African ID number in the selected “South African ID Number Of The Applicant” section.
  • Enter your Cell Phone number in the section “Phone Number Used To Submit Your Application”.
  • Click the “Check Status” button to send your request to the SRD SASSA database. 
  • R350 status check will display the for which month your grant has been approved and display it with your Application ID.

In online R350 status checking you will find your SRD SASSA grant collection dates for the current month and stay updated on R350 and check your SASSA SRD eligibility.

SRD SASSA Status Check for R350 on WhatsApp

SASSA’s official WhatsApp number also offers a Status Check for R350 applicants. R350 status check via WhatsApp is one of the most convenient methods to check SASSA status and allows you to chat with the SASSA support team to resolve your issues. You can take guidance on your eligibility criteria for the SASSA SRD R350 grant and other queries. To check SRD R350 status via WhatsApp follow the following steps:-

  • To check the SASSA status for R350 you need to save the SASSA WhatsApp number “082 046 8553”.
  • Send any message like “SASSA” to the SASSA number on WhatsApp.
  • After that, you will receive a prompt with different options for status review.
  • Reply with “SRD R350 status” for verification.
  • Give the required information and send it.
  • Your SRD SASSA application for R350 status will be reported to you.

SASSA’s official WhatsApp number also allows the applicant to communicate directly with authorities and get prompt assistance related to different issues, status updates, and many more.



You can do an SRD status check on the official SASSA website. This is one of the best and most convenient ways to check your SRD SASSA status. You can also apply for the SRD R350 grant, re-application, appeal, change contact details, and change bank details on the official SASSA website. To check the R350 status on the SASSA website follow the following steps:-

  • To check SASSA status for R350 you have to visit the official SRD SASSA website.
  • Enter your South African ID number and SASSA registered mobile number.
  • Click on the “Submit” button.
  • Your status will show immediately on the screen

How to Check SASSA Status via SMS?

The next method is to check the SRD R350 status is through by sending a text message to the SASSA number. You can check SASSA status via SMS by the following steps:

  • Open the messaging app on your mobile or tablet.
  • Type the message “SASSA[South African ID Number]”.
  • Send it to the number “082 046 8553”.
  • You will receive a reply with your SRD SASSA grant status.

SASSA R350 Status Check via Moya App

The other method to check SASSA status is through the Moya app. In this method, you can check your SRD SASSA status for R350 on the Moya app. To check the SASSA status on the Moya app follow the steps below:

  • Download the Moya App from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store on your mobile.
  • After downloading the Moya app, go to the “Discovery” tab and select the “SASSA Grant”.
  • Select the “SASSA SRD Status” from the menu.
  • Now click on the “Application status”.
  • Enter your South African ID number and SASSA registered mobile number.
  • Click on the “Submit” button.
  • Your SRD application status check will be shown on the screen.

GovChat Status Check

You can also do the SASSA R350 grant application status check on the GovChat app. It allows you to check your SRD R350 grant status and other facilities related to the SASSA grant like the application process, appeal process, SASSA payment dates, and more. SASSA application status check via the GovChat app can be done by the following process:

  • Visit the GovChat website.
  • Click on the “GovChat Now” button.
  • Now click on the “GovChat Now our app” button.
  • Log in by using the SASSA R350 registered phone number.
  • Click on the “SASSA services” and select “Get your status” from the drop-down menu.
  • Enter your 13-digit South African ID number and click the “Submit” button.
  • GovChat will display SRD status.

SRD SASSA Status Check via Helpline

If you don’t like the above methods and want to check the SASSA status for R350 through real human interaction then you can check your SRD 350 status by calling the SASSA helpline. Follow the steps below:

  • Dial the SASSA status check phone number “0800 601 011” from your SASSA registered cell phone.
  • Follow the directions given by the prompt.
  • Provide the required documents and answer the questions.
  • After completing the process you will receive your SRD SASSA application status.

Offline SASSA Status Application Check

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) also allows their citizens to check the R350 SRD status by visiting their office. The South African Government knows that the mostly SASSA R350 SRD Grant seekers can’t afford mobile phones and internet. That’s why they facilitate them in their offices. To SASSA Status Application Check follow the following steps:

  • Visit your nearest SASSA office or Post office between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm.
  • Provide them with your R350 SRD Application ID and Phone number or any other information they require.
  •  They will tell you your SRD R350 SASSA application status immediately.

SASSA 350 Status Check Video Guide

I recorded a step-by-step video guide for 350 status checks online on my website. After watching the video closely of the SRD status check you can easily check your SRD SASSA status.

SASSA Status Check Video Guide

SASSA R350 Status Check Result Meaning

When you are checking the SRD SASSA grant status you can find different results regarding your SRD R350 application. The meaning of the SRD SASSA status check’s expected results are given below in the table:

SRD SASSA status pendingSRD status pending means that your application is in process and they need more time to verify your application before approving it.
SRD SASSA status DeclinedSRD status declined means that SASSA declined your application because you didn’t meet their eligibility criteria. The reason for SRD’s declined application is given to you.
Verification of Identity FailedIt means that your identity verification has failed. SASSA needs to verify your identity with other government databases like UIF, DSD, etc.
Bank details PendingIt means that your application is approved but you didn’t give your banking details to receive your money.
SRD SASSA application approvedIt means that SASSA approved your SRD R350 application.
Reapplication PendingSRD reapplication pending means that you haven’t applied for SRD SASSA for R350 reapplication. You can apply for reapplication on SRD SASSA’s official website. 
SRD SASSA Status cancelledIt means that your status for SRD SASSA is cancelled. You can reinstate your SRD grant status on the official SRD SASSA website.
Period PendingIt means that SASSA received your application but it is in the verification process.
Period ApprovedIt means that your application for SRD R350 is approved and you can now get your SRD SASSA payments.
Period DeclinedIt means that your application is declined for this specific month and you can get your SRD SASSA payments for R350 from the next month.
SRD R350 Status check Result Meaning

SASSA Status Check for R350 Payment Dates 2024

SASSA released the SASSA status check for R350 payment dates till March 2025. There were different dates for Children, Older persons, and Disability grants. There may be delays in payments due to different technical reasons. SASSA payment dates for the year 2024-25 can be found in the table given below:

MonthOlder Person GrantDisability GrantChild Grant
SASSA Status Check for R350 payment dates 2024-25

SASSA Payday for R350 Payment Status 2024

To collect the SRD R350 grant money on scheduled payday, all 350 SASSA applicants need to check their payment status every month. SASSA released payday for R350 grant Payment dates till March 2025. You can check the payday dates for each month in the table given below:

MonthPayday DateStatus
Payday SASSA Status Check for R350 Payment Dates

Why are there Payment Delays for the SRD R350 grant?

Recently, beneficiaries have filed complaints about payment delays for SRD R350 grants. However, SASSA needs one or two weeks to clear SASSA payments but in many circumstances, SASSA may need more time to release your R350 grant payments. The different reasons for payment delays are below:

Technical Issues

Delay in the Verification Process

Missing Information

High Volume of Applications

Public Holidays

SRD R350 SASSA Application Process

To get a SASSA grant you have to apply for the SRD R350 grant. SASSA provides different ways to apply for the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant. You can apply by visiting the nearest SASSA office, through the SASSA website, through the GovChat app, or via WhatsApp. Fill out the application form and submit it with the required documents to the SASSA office. After submitting the SASSA SRD application, the officials will review your application. SASSA usually needs 90 days to approve your application.

SRD SASSA R350 Eligibility Criteria

There are 8 types of SASSA grants; every grant has different eligibility criteria. However, to avail of the SRD 350 grant you must be eligible for the R350 grant. The South African government sets eligibility criteria to get the SASSA R350 grant benefits. The eligibility criteria for the SRD R350 grant are given below:

  • You must be a South African citizen, Asylum Seeker, or a Special Permit Holder from Zimbabwe, Angola, or Lesotho.
  • You must be aged between 18 to 60 years to get the SASSA R350 grant.
  • You must not get any Social grant before.
  • Never applied for a UIF grant.
  • Your Financial status must meet the SASSA criteria.

How do I Appeal a SASSA R350 Grant

If you applied for the SASSA SRD grant and your application is rejected then the SASSA R350 appeal request is going to be a lifesaver for you. SASSA allows you to appeal your request for an SRD R350 grant if you think that your application is rejected without any reason. You can do a SASSA appeal for the R350 declined application through the SRD online portal or any other channels like WhatsApp, email, or by visiting the SASSA office. After submitting your SRD status check declined appeal request, SASSA may take 1 to 3 months to reconsider your request.

Types of SASSA Grants

There are 8 types of grants by SASSA to different kinds of needy people. The citizens only apply for the grant according to their eligibility. The different types of SASSA grants are given in the table below:

SASSA Grant Types

How to Collect SRD R350 SASSA Payment

Once your SASSA application is approved then you are eligible for the SASSA grant payments. You can see the SASSA R350 payment status check by the above methods we discussed. If you are a South African citizen and your SASSA payment is approved then you can collect it in your given bank account or withdraw through an SASSA debit card or collect by visiting the nearest SASSA-partnered retail office or Post office.

If you are an Asylum Seeker with a valid file number or Special Permit Holder from Zimbabwe, Angola, or Lesotho then you have only the pick-and-pay option. You can collect your payments from the nearest SASSA-partnered retail office or Post office by giving your “Lookup Payment ID”.

If your SASSA payment status check is declined then you can appeal on the SRD SASSA gov za website and again provide the all legit documents.

SASSA Change Banking Details for R350

If you want to change SRD banking details then you must be the owner of the account and registered phone number. SASSA cannot pay SRD grants to the other person’s bank account. SRD change banking details online can be done by the following steps.

  • Visit the official SRD SASSA gov za website.
  • Scroll down to “How do I change my banking details”
  • Enter the South African ID number in the box.
  • Click on the “Submit” button.
  • A SASSA banking change details link will be sent to your SASSA registered mobile number via SMS.
  • Open the link and follow the instructions for the SASSA status check banking details update.

After the approval of your new banking details, you can receive R350 grant payments to your new bank account.

SRD SASSA Change Contact Number

To get updated with your application status and payment status, it is very important to get notifications on your mobile through SMS. If you changed your phone number then it is important to update it on your SRD SASSA application also. You can change your SASSA mobile phone details online through the SASSA portal. To change the SASSA phone number follow the instructions below:

  • Visit the SRD SASSA website
  • Enter your 13-digit South African ID number and application ID number
  • Click on the “Submit” button
  • After this new page will open
  • Enter your details and follow the instructions
  • After submitting details enter your new number and click on the Submit button
  • Your SASSA SRD phone number will be updated

SASSA SRD 350 Status Approved but no Notification Received

SASSA sends you SMS notifications when your SASSA SRD 350 application or payment request is approved. But sometimes beneficiaries can’t receive SMS because they submitted the wrong contact details or there are any typo mistakes on your application. To get updates related to your SASSA 350 SRD application beneficiaries must submit correct details or update on the SASSA portal. However, sometimes the delay of notifications may occur due to network issues.

How to Solve SRD Approved But No Payment Date Issue

One of the most common issues SRD applicants face while checking their SASSA status is that their SRD grant is approved but there are no payment dates to collect the grant. This issue can be caused of due to several reasons like incorrect or missing banking details, bank account balance, Incorrect contact details, and others. To solve the SRD approved but no payment date issue you can follow the steps given below:

  • Update Banking Details: Check your banking details and make sure that it is up-to-date and accurate.
  • Update Contact Details: Check your contact details on the SASSA application and make sure your contact details are correct.
  • Reduce Bank Account Balance: If your bank account balance exceeds the limit of the SASSA mean test then reduce the balance.

How to Check SASSA SRD R350 (R370 grant) Balance

You can check your SASSA SRD R350 balance through SASSA USSD codes. SASSA provides two codes to check your account balance. To check the SASSA account balance dial *120*3210# from your registered cell phone number. Follow the prompt and provide the required information. Your 350 status check balance will be sent to you through SMS.

If the above USSD code doesn’t work for you then you can use the second code to check the SASSA balance. Dial *120*69277# from your registered mobile phone number. Follow the prompt and your balance status SMS will be sent to your phone number.

How often SASSA Status Check Updates

The SASSA updates the status check every month. SASSA R350 SRD status updates according to the payment status of R350 grants and the SRD application status of beneficiaries. The updates are provided before the predetermined payday schedule by SASSA for annual pay dates. The funds are deposited directly into the beneficiary account or SASSA card so that they collect their SRD R350 SASSA grants.

SASSA R350 Grant Expire Date

More than 7 Million people in South Africa are taking benefits from the SASSA R350 grant. In 2022, President Cyril Ramaphosa made an official announcement that they are extending the SASSA R350 grant period till March 2024. It comes out to be good news for the dependents of the SRD R350 grant. Now, in March 2024, SASSA announced the increase in SRD grants and other social grants which is applicable in April 2024. SASSA increased the SRD grant by R20. The new social relief of distress amount will be R370 per month.

SASSA Contact Information

If you have any queries then you can contact SASSA. The SASSA contact information is given below:

0800 60 10 11

SRD SASSA Status-related FAQs

SRD SASSA pending means that your SRD R350 application is in process and SASSA needs time to verify your application.

SRD SASSA status approved means that SASSA approved your application for SRD R350 and you can collect your money now.

It means that SASSA found your alternative source of income.

It usually takes 60 to 90 days for an application to be processed. The time may vary according to the number of applications pending. To stay updated you have to regularly check SASSA status for R350.

You can get your SRD SASSA payments in the bank account you provided or by visiting the nearby Local Post Office.

To check if your SASSA R350 grant status is approved or not. You need to visit the SASSA website and check your SASSA application status.

To update SASSA bank details, you need to visit the SASSA SRD website and enter your new bank account details there. SASSA will review your bank account details and approve it after verification.

SASSA status check Conclusion

SASSA status check for R350 is important for all the SRD SASSA applicants who are waiting for their payments. SRD status check provides you the facility to stay updated related to your SRD R350 application. You can check your application status regularly and stay updated about the SASSA payment status. Checking SASSA status provides you the facility to apply for reconsideration if your application is rejected or edit your banking details.