Old Age Pension Introduction

If you are a South African citizen or refugee and have reached your retirement age of 60, you can apply for SASSA Old Age Pension. SASSA introduced the Old Age Grant to help aged people of South Africa who are struggling financially. It helps senior citizens who don’t have any other source of income.

You must be eligible for an Old Age grant and pass the SASSA mean test, which evaluates your monthly income, financial stability, and other assets. Visit your nearest SASSA office to apply for an SASSA pension with the required documents. You can appoint a person who can apply on your behalf if you are unable to visit the SASSA office.

Old Age Grant Eligibility Criteria

It is essential to be eligible for an Old Age grant before applying. The eligibility criteria for the elderly grant are discussed below:

  • You should be a South African citizen, refugee, or special permit holder to apply for an SASSA pension.
  • You must reside in South Africa.
  • Must not be receiving any other social grants.
  • You must not be cared for in state institutions.
  • You must be 60 years or older at the time of the application process.
  • You should pass the SASSA mean test in which your yearly income does not exceed R96,840 if you are single or R193,680 if you are married.
  • You do not have assets of more than R1,372,800 if you are single and R2,745,600 combined if you are married.

Documents Required to Apply for SASSA Pension

You need the following documents to apply for Old Age Pension:

  • You must have your 13-digit South African ID card. If you do not have an ID then arrange these:
  • Fill out the SASSA Older Person Grant Affidavit in the presence of the Oaths commissioner who is not an SASSA officer.
  • Get a sworn statement from a reputable person who can verify your age and name.
  • SASSA will take your fingerprint and refer you to the Department of Home Affairs to apply for a South African ID card during your application process. If you don’t get an ID card, your SASSA Old Age Grant will be suspended.
  • Your marriage or divorce certificate (If applicable).
  • Proof of your current address like utility bills, lease contract, or bank statement
  • Proof of your income or dividends (If any).
  • Proof of your physical assets and the value of your property.
  • Proof of your private pension(If any).
  • Your bank account statement for the previous three months.
  • If you were employed, provide proof of your Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF), membership, or discharge certificate from your previous employer.
  • In case your spouse died within the last five years then provide their death certificate, copy of the will, and first and final liquidation and distribution accounts (If applicable).
  • A friend or family member can apply on your behalf if you are too sick to go to the office. The person who is going to apply on your behalf should take a letter from you and the doctor with reasons why you cannot visit the office.

SASSA Old Age Grant Application Process

Visit your nearest SASSA office to apply for an Old Age Pension with the required documents. If you are too old to visit the SASSA office, appoint a person to apply on your behalf. That person should take a note from you or the doctor about why you are not visiting the office. 

Ask for the application form from the SASSA officer and fill the form in the presence of the SASSA officer. If you face any difficulty, you can ask for help from the SASSA official. Carefully fill out the information during the SASSA application process and submit it to the official. The officer may interview you and tell you if you qualify for the Old age grant.

After completing the application form and interview, collect the dated stamp receipt from the SASSA official. Keep the receipt safe as proof of your application process.

Old Age Pension Status Check Online

After the successful application process, every applicant needs to check their grant status regularly. You can follow the steps below to check your SASSA Old Age Pension status online:

  • Visit our SASSA status check page to check your older person’s grant status.
  • Enter your 13-digit ID number.
  • Enter your SASSA registered mobile number.
  • Click on the “Submit” button and your old age grant status will appear on the screen with the approved payment dates.

How Much is the Old Age Pension Amount

The old pension grant depends on the age of the applicant. The current pension grant for older people aged between 60 to 74 is R2090. However, if you are 75 or above then the grant amount is R2110. SASSA increased the older person grant by R90/month in the next financial year starting from 1st April 2024.

SASSA Elderly Grant Processing Time

old age pension status

It takes up to 3 months for SASSA to process applications for old-person grants. However, it may take more time if SASSA receives a high number of applications or if there is any technical issue. Once SASSA decides on your grant they will send you a notification on your registered phone number. If you don’t get a reply from SASSA within three months then contact SASSA and explain your queries.

What to do If Old Person Grant is Rejected

If your old person grant is rejected and you believe that you are eligible for the grant then you can appeal the decision to the Minister of Social Development at the national office of the Department of Social Development. They will review the SASSA decision and decide on it. The appeal request must be submitted within 90 days after application rejection.

SASSA Pension Payments Method

SASSA offers different payment methods to withdraw payments of your social grants in which your grant amount will be directly deposited into your bank account or Postbank account. However, if you selected the cash payment method then you can collect your pension grant from SASSA-partnered retail outlets like Pick n Pay, Boxer, or institutes like Old Age Home, etc.

SASSA Pension Balance Check

You can check your SASSA pension balance by the methods given below:

  • Dial the SASSA USSD code *120*3210# or *120*69277# from your registered mobile number.
  • SASSA Gold card holders can check their grant balance from any ATM.
  • You can check your older person’s grant balance from SASSA’s official WhatsApp number “082 046 8553”.
  • Call on the SASSA Toll-free number “0800 601 011”.

Old People Grant Suspension Reasons

SASSA can suspend your approved old-person grant due to the following reasons:

  • If your circumstances have changed and you are now financially stable.
  • SASSA can suspend your grant following a review.
  • If you don’t cooperate with SASSA during the review process.
  • If you commit fraud or provide false information during the application process.
  • Your old age grant can be suspended if SASSA mistakenly approves it.

Reasons for Expiring of SASSA Pensioners Grant

old age grant

SASSA pension grant can be lapse due to any of the following reasons:

  • If the applicant passes away.
  • Your grant can expire if you are admitted to a state institution.
  • If you do not claim your pension for consecutive three months then it will automatically expire.
  • If you are out of the country for a long period.

Responsibilities of Old Age SASSA Grant Beneficiaries

The applicants for Old age pension must provide accurate data to the SASSA during the application process. The beneficiaries should update SASSA about any changes in their address, contact details, or financial circumstances. It builds the trust of SASSA in you and the grant suspension chances become low.

SASSA Contact Information

0800 60 10 11

SASSA for Pensioners FAQs

The old age pension for 60 to 74-year-old people is R2090 and R2110 for those whose age is 75 or above

The payment date for the old age grant is 5th March 2024.

It takes about 30 to 90 days for SASSA to review your social grant application and make a decision on it.

You can appeal the decision to the Minister of Social Development at the national office of the Department of Social Development if SASSA rejects your grant.

You must be a 60-year-old South African citizen, refugee, or special permit holder to be eligible for a pension grant.

Old Pension Grant Conclusion

SASSA Old Age Pension is a helpful scheme for senior citizens of South Africa who are struggling financially. You need to be eligible for the Old Age Grant and pass the SASSA mean test in which your monthly income should be less than the SASSA criteria. You can apply for the old age grant even if you are still working and are 60 years or older.

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