SASSA Grant Increase Introduction

On Wednesday, March 13th, the finance minister of South Africa, Enoch Godongwana, announced the increase in all social grants. During his budget speech, he announced the increase in SASSA grants from the next financial year 2024/25. SASSA grant increase is good news for South Africans to meet the current inflation.

Around 28 million South Africans rely on SASSA grants, which is 43% of the total population. SASSA spent around R217.1 billion in the financial year 2023/24 on social grants and now increased it to R259.3 billion by the financial year 2026/27. This 4.8% hike in social grants will help grant holders beat the inflation and cost of living crisis.

SASSA Increase 2024

SASSA increases all social grants and the increased amount can be collected from April 1st, 2024. All SASSA increased grants are discussed below:

sassa grant increase

Old Age Pension Increase

SASSA increased the Old Age Pension by R90. The grant increased to R2180 for the grant holders aged between 60 to 74 and R2200 for the grant holders of age 75+. This grant increase is applicable from April 1st and the additional increase of R10 will be applicable from 1st October.

Child Support Grant Increase

The current amount for the child support grant is R510, which is increased to R530/month. The total increase in child support grants is R20/month which applicants can collect from April 1st. However, SASSA didn’t increase the top-up amount for the child support grant.

Disability Grant Increase

The disability grant is increased by R90/month which will see an additional increase of R10 in October. The amount for disability grants after the increase will be R2180/month from April 1st.

Foster Care Grant Increase

SASSA has raised the Foster care grant to R1180/month with a hike of R50 from April. However, the applicants for the Foster care grant will not see an increase in October like other grants. The previous grant amount for Foster care was R1130/month which was not enough for foster patients to bear the expenses of the child.

War Veterans Grant Increase

The War veterans grant holders will see an increase of R90/month in their grant and will collect the increased amount of R2200/month from 1st April. The grant will also increase by R10 from October 2024.

Care Dependency Grant Increase

SASSA increased the care dependency grant by R90/month. The care dependency grant applicants will receive R2180/month from the next financial year starting from April 1st. However, there will be another increase of R10 in October for care dependency grant beneficiaries.

SASSA R350 Grant Increase

SASSA paid 8 million SRD R350 grants every month compared to the 16 million applications they received. Now, SASSA increased the social relief of distress grant by R20 and plans to pay 9 million grants every month in the financial year 2024/25. The SRD grant recipients will see an increase of 5.7% in 2024, higher than the 4.8% hike for other grants. This increase in SRD grants from R350/month to R370/month will help grant holders beat inflation and bear their family expenses.

Impact of SASSA Grant Increase

This SASSA increase of 4.8% in social grants will help 43% population of South Africa relying on SASSA grants reduce the inflation effect and beat the rising cost of living. It will empower the beneficiaries to meet their basic needs and maintain their living standards, especially for the Old Age, War Veterans, Disability, and Care Dependency grant holders.

SASSA spent around R217.1 billion in the year 2023/25 on social grants and expects to raise it to R259.3 billion by the year 2026/27. This increase in grants is not only a financial adjustment for the applicants but also aims to enhance the quality of life of South Africans.

SASSA Increase FAQs

SASSA will increase the old age, war veterans, disability, and care dependency grant by R90/month in April and the additional increase of R10/month will be applicable from October.

Yes, SASSA increased the SRD grant from R350/month to R370/month which will be collected from April onwards.

No, the old-age grant holders do not need to reapply to receive the increased grant in April.

SASSA R350 Increase Conclusion

SASSA grant increase in 2024 comes out as good news for the SASSA social grant holders as it shows the commitment of the South African government towards their citizens. South Africa has been facing financial uncertainties for a long period and these types of changes in social grants are the hope for many people relying on these grants. It helps people maintain their living standards and beat the rising inflation in South Africa.

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