SRD Approved But No Payment Date Introduction

“SRD Approved But No Payment Date” is one of the issues that Social Relief of Distress applicants face. Thousands of R350 applicants face this issue in which their SRD R350 grant status is showing “Approved” but there are no payment dates to collect their grant payments. This issue can be caused of due to different reasons like incorrect banking details or many other reasons. 

In this article, we will discuss the different reasons why the R350 applicants face this issue and their solutions.

Why is My SASSA R350 Still Approved But No Payment?

There are different reasons why you still do not get the Pay Date even though your SRD grant is approved. The different factors due to which this issue is caused are discussed below:

why is my sassa r350 still approved but no payment

Incorrect or Missing Banking Details:

Incorrect or missing banking details are one of the biggest reasons why you still do not get Pay dates. It is important to provide banking details while applying for the SRD grant.

Bank Account Balance:

Bank balance is the other big reason for not getting Pay dates through your grant is approved. The bank account balance always be less than the SASSA mean test criteria. If your balance exceeds then your grant can also be cancelled.

Contact Details Incorrect:

If your contact details are incorrect or missing then you will miss the important notification regarding SRD pay dates. Make sure your contact details are always correct and up to date.

Additional Verifications:

SASSA may need more time to verify your documents or details which can cause payment delays. Keep checking your mobile notifications from SASSA regarding any additional verification requirements.

Fraud Prevention Measures:

Sometimes, SASSA implements different checks to avoid fraud which can cause payment delays. You must take patience at this time.

Public Holidays:

SASSA doesn’t work on public holidays and weekends which may cause delays in payment dates. You can expect pay dates on working days just after holidays.

The workload on SASSA:

One of the biggest reasons for delayed payment dates is due to workload on SASSA. SASSA issues SRD grants to millions of people every month and needs to verify them. So, you need to be patient during this process.

Technical Issues:

The issue of late payment dates can also be caused due to technical glitches in the SASSA system. You don’t have to worry about that, it will be fixed automatically within a few hours.

Solutions for SASSA R350 Approved But No Payment Date

To solve the “SRD grant approved but no payment date” issue you can follow the steps given below:

approved but no pay date what do i do

Application Status Check:

Check your SASSA status regularly to stay updated. Your SASSA status must be showing “Approved”. If it says Pending, it means that SASSA needs more time to verify your details.

Update Banking Details:

Make sure your banking details are up-to-date and accurate. If you haven’t provided your banking details during the SASS application process then add the banking details by visiting the SRD website. Select the “Bank” as your payment method.

Reduce Bank Account Balance:

Make sure your bank account balance does not exceed the eligibility limit. Your bank account balance must be less or equal to the SASSA mean test criteria. If your balance exceeds the limit then try to reduce the balance.

Check Contact Details:

If your bank account details are correct and the balance doesn’t exceed the limit, then recheck the contact details you provided during the SASSA application time. Confirm that your contact details are accurate on the SASSA application.

Be Patient and Stay Updated:

Delays in the payment dates can occur due to the high volume or backlogs. You have to be patient during this process and check the SASSA website or Social media for regular updates. SASSA usually shares the payment schedule and other news on their social media handles.

Contact SASSA:

If you feel that your application details are correct and there is no error from your side and still you haven’t received grant payment dates, then you should contact SASSA. Visit your nearest SASSA office or contact them via their Helpline and explain the query. They will tell you the exact reason why your payment dates are delayed.

SASSA Contact Information

0800 60 10 11

Pay Date For R350 FAQs

No, you can’t collect your SRD R350 grant without a pay date. You must have a specified payment date to collect your SRD payment.

Your payment date may be delayed due to incorrect banking details, technical issues, workload on SASSA, or any other reason. You can find out the exact reason by contacting SASSA.

When your SASSA status says approved, it means that your SRD R350 grant is approved and you can now receive the payment on the date issued by SASSA.

If your SASSA status shows approved but there are no payment dates then it means your grant is approved but there are no payment dates to collect the grant. You can’t collect the SRD R350 without payment dates.

If your SRD is approved but there is no pay date then you should update your bank details and contact details if there is any error. You can also contact SASSA to know the exact reason.

Approved But No Pay Date Conclusion

If your SRD grant is approved but there are no payment dates then do not worry. You can fix this issue by updating your bank details, reducing your bank account balance according to SASSA mean test criteria, and correcting the contact details on the SASSA application. If these details are correct then maybe there is a technical issue. You can contact SASSA directly to know the exact reason of delaying in payment dates.

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