SASSA Status Pending Introduction

SASSA status pending is one of the most common issues SASSA social grant applicants face. Pending status is not a sign of worry for you if you have applied for the SRD SASSA grant. Millions of people apply for the R350 grant and it requires time for SASSA to process all the applications. Sometimes it takes a lot more time than SASSA’s given period. 

However, if your SASSA R350 grant status check is still pending after a long time then I will guide you through this article on why your status is pending and how to solve this issue. You just need to follow the instructions I will give you in this article and implement them. There is a high chance that your pending status issue will be resolved after reading the article.

Understanding SRD R350 Pending Status

SASSA Pending status means that SASSA received your application and they need time to review and verify your application. Before approving the application SASSA verifies the eligibility and identity of the applicant and decides accordingly. SASSA status pending doesn’t mean that your application is rejected.

Meaning of pending status

Once SASSA decides on your SRD application you will receive a notification on your registered mobile number. If your application is approved then SASSA will ask you to provide your bank details to receive the grant. Unfortunately, if your application is declined then you will be provided with the reasons why your application is rejected.

Why is My SASSA R350 Grant Still Pending

There were several reasons that your R350 application is still under review. Some of the most common reasons are as follows:

  • Verification process: Once you submit your application SASSA checks your identity across different databases like DHA, UIF, SARS, and NSFAS. This process may take time if you provide incomplete information.
  • High Volume of Applications: The most common reason for delaying your grant decision is that SASSA receives a high number of applications for SRD grants. Processing thousands of applications every month is a time-consuming process for SASSA.
  • Technical Issues: There may be a delay in processing your application due to some technical issue or system upgrade.

How to Fix Pending SASSA R350 to Approved

fix pending application

Before fixing your pending SASSA status make sure to wait for 3 months after the SASSA application process. This is the time given by SASSA, in which most of the grants will be processed. However, if you pass the 90 days and your R350 grant status is still pending then you need to take further action without any delay. Follow the instructions below to resolve your pending status:

Verify Your Application Details

A pending status issue also occurred due to missing or inaccurate information. Make sure to verify your grant application details again. Provide any missing or additional documents asked by SASSA.

Stay Updated

Stay updated on any changes in SASSA’s policies. Regularly follow SASSA news for any changes in their application process that cause delays in your application process.

Contact SASSA

You can visit your nearest SASSA office and explain your issue to the SASSA official. They will help you immediately and guide you for further process. You can also contact SASSA through the different channels given below:

0800 60 10 11

How Long Will Pending Application to be Approved

It usually takes 30 to 90 days for SASSA to process your R350 and other types of social grant applications. At this time, SASSA verifies your identity, financial status, and citizenship across various databases. SASSA will also make sure that you have not received any type of government grants before. This process may take time due to a high number of applications.

If your application takes more than 90 days then you must follow the steps we discussed above to get a quick update about your application status.

How to Avoid Pending SRD Status

You can avoid long delays in your application approval by doing some practice during the SASSA application process. Follow the steps below to avoid SASSA status pending due to mistakes in application:

  • Complete Information: During the application process make sure that you provide complete information required for a SASSA application. SASSA application delays also occur due to missing information.
  • Accurate Information: Make sure to avoid providing any inaccurate information during the application process. SASSA takes it as a fraudulent activity and may blacklist you due to inaccurate information. SASSA strictly verifies your all provided information across various databases.
  • Provide All Required Documents: Make a list of all required documents and provide them during the application process. If any of your documents are missing during the application process, it may be a cause of delay in your application. SASSA will again ask you for the additional document which will take more time.

By following the above guidelines you can avoid the additional delay in your application approval and avoid pending status error. By providing all information and documents you will make it easy for SASSA to verify your application.

SASSA Pending Status FAQs

SASSA status pending means that SASSA received your grant application and they take time to review and verify your application.

There are multiple factors that your SASSA SRD grant is still pending. It may be due to a high number of applications for SASSA to process or due to any technical issues. Your application will also be delayed if you provide incomplete or incorrect information during the SASSA application process.

Once your R350 grant is approved, you will start receiving the grant from the month your application is accepted. However, there is no exact date for SRD R350 payments.

SASSA usually requires up to 90 days to process your grant application. However, it may take more time due to the high number of applications received by SASSA.

If your grant application takes more than 90 days, then you should contact SASSA through their email or toll-free number. You can also visit the SASSA office to get the latest update on your application status.

Pending SRD Status Conclusion

SASSA status pending is the most common error SRD R350 applicants receive. It does not mean that your application is rejected but it means that SASSA requires more time to verify your application. SASSA has to process thousands of applications every month which is not an easy task for SASSA. So be patient and follow the steps we discussed in this article if your application takes more than 90 days. There is a high chance that your pending status issue will be resolved after following this article.

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