SASSA Cancel Application Introduction

You can cancel the 350 SASSA grant if your circumstances change and you earn enough to support yourself and your family. Cancelling your SASSA grant will empower those who are struggling than you. Cancel the SASSA Grant is also important to avoid government penalties in the future.

You can cancel your SASSA grant R350 easily by filling out the consent form and submitting it online. However, SASSA also reviews your grant every month and will cancel it automatically if they find out your source of income. You can follow the methods we will discuss in this article to cancel the SRD grant.

Reasons for Cancelling SRD Application

SASSA cancel application Reasons

There may be several reasons in which you should cancel your SRD grant. You can cancel your grant if you find yourself in any of the below scenarios:

  • Improved Circumstances: If your circumstances have improved from the time you applied for the SRD grant then you should cancel your grant immediately.
  • Job Started: If you return to your job or find a new job then you should cancel the R350 grant as you now have a source of income. You no longer require the need of financial support from SASSA.
  • No longer Eligible: You must cancel your R350 grant if you are no longer eligible for the SRD grant. The eligibility criteria can be income status, SASSA means test, or employment status.
  • Double Grant: Receiving financial support or grants from other sources is against the SASSA’s terms and conditions. You must cancel your grant in case you are receiving financial assistance from any other means.
  • Ethical Considerations: If you think that you no longer need financial support then you must consider canceling your grant. Cancelling your SRD grant can allow the funds to be redistributed to other individuals in need.
  • Avoiding Overpayments: If you continue to receive the R350 grant when you are no longer eligible can result in overpayments. It can be a result of complications like returning the excess funds or facing penalties.
  • Long-term Financial Planning: Financial independence can be difficult for you if you continue to rely on social grants. Cancelling the SASSA grant can be a step towards focusing on long-term financial stability and growth.

These are a few reasons to cancel your SRD grant. There may be a different reason in your case but the main criteria will be the same in which you have to be eligible for the R350 grant. If you are still eligible for the grant then there is no need to cancel the Social Relief of Distress grant.

How to Cancel the SASSA Relief Grant

Before SASSA cancellation, you must check your SRD Status to ensure your grant is still active. If your grant is automatically disabled by SASSA then there is no need for SRD cancel application. If your grant is still active then you can start the process to cancel your R350 grant.

There are four different methods to cancel your Social Relief of Distress grant. By using any method you can easily cancel SASSA Grant R350. These methods will be discussed below.

SASSA SRD Cancellation Online

SASSA SRD Cancellation Online

The easiest and fastest method to cancel the 350 SASSA grant is through the SASSA services portal. You can follow the steps below for SASSA R350 cancellation online:

  • Visit the official SASSA SRD website.
  • Enter your South African ID number in the first column and your phone number in the second column.
  • Click on the “Send Pin” button to receive an OTP on your phone number.
  • Verify the OTP on the website and click on the “Cancel my grant” button.
  • A confirmation message will appear on the screen with the message: “Are you sure to cancel your grant application?”
  • Click on “Yes” to confirm the cancellation process.
  • You will receive a confirmation message on your registered mobile number: “Your request to cancel the SASSA Grant has been sent.”

Cancel 350 SASSA Grant via WhatsApp

Cancel 350 SASSA Grant via WhatsApp

The other easy method to terminate your 350 grant is through WhatsApp. Follow the steps below to cancel the SASSA grant:

  • Save the SASSA WhatsApp number “082 046 8553” in your phone number.
  • Send the message “SASSA” to the SASSA WhatsApp number.
  • You will see a response with different options.
  • Select “Cancel my application” from the prompt.
  • Now send your ID number and phone number as requested by the prompt to confirm your cancellation.
  • After confirming your cancellation request, you will receive a confirmation notification on your mobile number.

Cancel the SASSA Grant via Email

Cancel the SASSA Grant via Email

Follow the steps below to apply for SASSA cancellation through email:

  • Write a detailed email and discuss the reasons for canceling your SRD application.
  • Enter your reference number, ID number, and phone number within the email.
  • Send the email to the SASSA email address [email protected].

SASSA cancellation through email is a time-consuming and complex process. SASSA may ask for some extra information and documents from you to terminate your Social Relief of Distress grant in this method.

SASSA Cancellation via SASSA Helpline

SASSA Cancellation via SASSA Helpline

You can also cancel your R350 grant by calling on SASSA toll-free number if you want real human interaction. Follow the steps below to cancel your SASSA application via the SASSA helpline:

  • Call on SASSA toll-free number “0800 60 10 11” from your SASSA registered mobile number.
  • Listen to the prompt and choose the option to talk with an SASSA agent.
  • Ask the SASSA agent to cancel your SASSA R350 grant.
  • Provide them all the required information including your 13-digit ID number and phone number for verification.
  • After verifying your identity they will submit your request for an SRD cancellation application.

Automatic Cancel SASSA Grant

SASSA reconsiders your SRD grant every month monitoring changes in your circumstances and eligibility. If SASSA finds out your source of income or improved financial circumstances they will not pay you for that specific month. You can also consider canceling your SRD grant temporarily or permanently using any of the above methods.

How to Cancel SASSA Relief Grant Without Phone Number

If you do not have the SASSA registered phone number in your use and you want to terminate the SRD grant then you can visit your nearest SASSA office. Make sure to bring your ID and other documents with you for verification purposes. 

However, if you can’t visit the SASSA office, then first you need to update your SASSA phone number and then apply for cancellation by any of the methods we discussed above in this article.

SRD Cancel Application Request Approval Time

After submitting the R350 SRD cancellation request, you will receive a response within one week from SASSA. SASSA may take more time due to the high number of applications they receive. Once SASSA approves your cancel application request, you will receive an SMS on your registered SASSA phone number.

Once SASSA terminates your SRD grant, you will no longer receive SASSA payments for the Social Relief of Distress grant. You can confirm your SASSA grant cancellation through the SRD status check tool.

How to Reinstate Cancelled SRD Grant

SASSA allows SRD beneficiaries to reinstate their cancelled R350 grant if their financial circumstances again change. SASSA understands and always aims to help South African citizens in bad situations. You can apply for reinstatement if you lose your job again and have no other source of income to manage your daily expenses.

You can reinstate the SRD grant by applying online on the SASSA website or by visiting the SASSA office. SASSA will again review your application for the SRD grant and check your eligibility. If you were again eligible for the grant, then they will reinstate your Social Relief of Distress grant for the month you applied.

Effects of Receiving SASSA Grant While Ineligible

SRD cancel application while ineligible

If your financial circumstances are improved and you are still getting the SRD R350 grant then you can face many consequences and penalties in the future. Receiving the SRD grant while ineligible is illegal and counts in terms of fraudulent activity. You should immediately stop your relief grant otherwise you can face the following penalties:

  • Fraud Charges: Receiving social grants without eligibility is considered a fraud activity. You can face criminal charges in this case with fines or imprisonment.
  • Repayment: SASSA has all rights to recover the overpayments made to the applicants. In this case, ineligible applicants have to repay all the amount to SASSA they receive while ineligible with fines and penalties.
  • Blacklisting: Your name can also blacklist due to which you cannot get any social grants in the future and face restrictions in future employment and travel.

Receiving social grants while not eligible makes your life harder and makes it difficult for SASSA to distribute the grants to the right persons. It will also affect your and your family’s reputation in society. That’s why you should terminate your social grant immediately once you realize you are not eligible for a social grant anymore.

SASSA Cancellation FAQs

There may be different reasons you should consider terminating your SRD grant like improved circumstances, return to job, ineligibility, or receiving any other grant. These are just a few reasons you should cancel your SASSA grant.

You just need your 13-digit South African ID and SASSA registered mobile number to cancel your SASSA grant.

It takes up to one week for SASSA to approve your SRD cancellation request.

Yes, you can reinstate your cancelled SRD grant in the future if your financial circumstances again change.

You can stop your Social Relief of Distress grant through the SRD portal, WhatsApp, Email, or SASSA helpline.

SASSA R350 Cancellation Conclusion

If your financial circumstances are improved then you should cancel the SASSA grant to avoid any penalties in the future. SASSA R350 grant is a lifeline for millions of South Africans and distributing the grant to the right persons is very important for SASSA. If you will stop your grant due to improved financial circumstances then you will clear a spot for a person in need. You can terminate your social grant easily from any of the methods we discussed in this article. However, you can reinstate your social grant any time when you think that you are again eligible for it.

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